Dinner potpourri

by Scott Bell

After concluding our plant-based diet experiment, we still had some pantry and freezer items to finish up, so we’ve mostly been on a ‘diet break’ for the past few weeks. This has had a few interesting effects, including fairly rapid muscle (re)gain for myself. Too many variables have changed to really draw any conclusions, other than it seems that a low-protein, low-calorie plant-based diet combined with intermittent fasting probably won’t give you great gains in the gym.

At the moment, we’ve ended up eating something fairly close to what the Jaminets prescribe over at The Perfect Health Diet. I’ve also incorporated small whey shakes throughout the day — mostly to increase thermogenesis in order to resolve low body temperature issues while at work. This in itself probably qualifies as an experiment, so I might get into how that’s going in greater detail later on.

Here are a few examples of the dinners we’ve been eating lately:

Pulled chuck roast with spicy miso sauce over pea shoots and jasmine rice

Chili-rubbed BBQ pork tenderloin with mashed sweet potatoes

BBQ pork loin with mashed potatoes and baby bok choy