You Don’t Have To Eat That

by Scott Bell

If you believe that one should eat every three hours to avoid metabolic slow-down, you might be interested in hearing  what Martin Berkhan and Mark Sisson have to say on the matter. But even if you accept that there might be more to the metabolism story than ‘stoking the fire’, what does that mean for someone who wants to eat healthy on a daily basis without implementing one of the several different Intermittent Fasting protocols?

I think there’s a clear answer: choose to skip meals on occasion that would otherwise be unhealthy. You get access to some of the benefits that Mark talks about above (brain health, longevity, weight loss, anti-carnogenic effects), piled on top of the accomplishment of avoiding poor food choices. I can think of plenty of occasions where I now no longer feel the need to ‘grab a bite’: road trips, airports, busy weekends, running errands. No need to tote around a cooler of healthy snacks, just relax and have a coffee or water instead!